Video Conferencing

Highland March Braintree Conference RoomVideoconferencing at Highland-March Workspaces can save you hundreds of dollars, plus countless hours of travel time and aggravation. No airplanes. No hotels. No taxi cabs. No dining out. No jet lag.
Simply have a seat in the comfort and ease of our videoconferencing room and connect, face-to-face with people across the country or around the world. It feels as though you’re in the same room with them. We can even help your associates on the other end locate a videoconferencing room near them.

This is a preferred resource for long distance depositions and interviews.

Here is a quick breakdown of the cost associated to traveling to a meeting in California for one person.  In comparison, a video conference meeting at Highland-March would save you over $1000!

Traveling to Your Destination
Flight to California – $908
Taxi Cab – $200
Hotel – $250
Meals – $125
Total – $1,483
Duration 31 Hours

Videoconferencing at Highland-March Workspaces
Transportation (2 gallons of gas) – $4.00
2 hour video meeting – $300
Total – $304
Duration 2 Hours & 40 Minutes

By videoconferencing at Highland-March Workspaces, you just realized a savings of more than $1,000, more than 28 hours of your time and avoided an exhausting trip!

Contact the Highland-March Workspaces video conferencing center nearest you for details.