Shared Workspaces are Exactly What the Economy Needs

The freelance industry is booming right now and with the influx of independent contractors, part-timers, and freelancers available, there are tons of opportunities for businesses to fill their staff with more cost effective types of employees.

For companies with this type of business model, a shared workspace is the perfect solution that allows multiple freelancers to gather in a professional business environment to get work done. No more meetings in your own home!

One of the biggest advantages of working in a shared office space is networking advantages. You have the opportunity to meet new clients, new partners and teammates and also mentors and advisors. The ability to socialize during the workday can help keep morale high and increase productivity. Let’s face it; working at home can get lonely. Having the ability to leave the house and go into an office to socialize can have major benefits at the social and productivity levels.

For the startup owners and entrepreneurs that aren’t sure if they should invest in an office space, a shared workspace is a great safety net. It also adds a measure of security if you are not certain what your projected rate of growth will be.

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