Professional Development Series

Seminar Series 2010-2011

This month’s guest speaker:

Rita Coco

Rita Coco Consulting

“More Business Please!”

Insights to Increase Your Repeat and New Business

Wednesday, December 8 @ 7:15 am

Coffee, networking, and seminar sponsored by

Highland-March Office Business Centers

1900 West Park Drive, Westborough, MA

Conference Center


Networking from 7:15 to 7:30 am

Ø Are you in a key marketing and selling role in your business?

Ø Are you doing financially ok, but would like a bigger salary?

Ø Do you find yourself saying “I need to grow…but where do I start”?

Rita Coco started coaching business professionals on how to create and deliver product and service presentations. Nine years later, in 1989, she founded Rita Coco Consulting (RCC). Rita earned her Masters in Individual and Organizational Development; and has a knack for attracting and working with others who are Masters in their own fields. Rita Coco Consulting is unique in its ability to uncover what makes a business owner and his/her company exceptional. Through coaching, consulting and working side-by-side with clients, starter rda vapes helps them retain clients, increase repeat business, and replenish their IDEAL client base.

Seating is limited!  Please call Cindy at 508.983.1400 or Email: