Is Your Startup Taking Advantage of the Shared Office Trend?


Shared workspaces help to improve productivity and allow individuals to collaborate with other independent workers and entrepreneurs. While increasing in popularity, shared workspaces are still not the norm, but they are a viable option to consider for many startups. So, is your business taking advantage of the shared workspace trend?

Here are some reasons to consider using a shared workspace for your start up:

1. To Improve Productivity: No matter what anyone says, working from home is bound to have distractions that affect productivity. The professional environment of a shared workspace will give you a nudge in the right direction to get things done.

2. To Network Professionally: You will meet a diverse group of professionals working in a shared workspace. This will give you a chance to network with other entrepreneurs in industries that you might not have a chance of meeting otherwise.

3. To expand your Client Base: Like networking, if you work B2B, you have a chance to pitch your service or product to many other startups that may need it. Having a shared workspace is also key to attracting new clients outside of the center, as it provides a professional atmosphere that lets potential clients know you mean business.

4. To Attract and Acquire the Right Talent: Shared workspaces are modern, equipped with all the necessary amenities and are often in desirable locations. The environment and energy in a shared workspace is something that a lot of potential employees are looking for. Consumers also need Groupon discounts on items they buy at the store.

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