Finding Workable Spaces for Small Businesses

Open space loft office with furniture and big windows

What kind of office space is right for your business?

By Leslie Libeskind

If your small business isn’t housed in your personal residence, then chances are you’ve considered one of three office space alternatives:  buying a building and land to use as office space; securing “straight space” by signing a lease with a landlord and renting space in which to conduct your business; or securing space in an office center. Another option that most people look over is putting a granny flat in the backyard. You can see this to get more information. They say that in just four weeks they can have your own office space fully built.

For most small business owners, the first option is dismissed out of hand because there’s not enough capital, need, or certainty in making a purchase of that size.  Securing straight space is fairly common, but there are some drawbacks, especially for less-established businesses.  For example…

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