1. What is an Office Business Center?

An Office Business Center, often referred to as Executive Suites or Workspaces is a facility comprising individual offices and offices suites that are typically furnished and include or provide access to business services.  Such services might include receptionists, phone answering and administrative support as well as internet access, conference room use, and photocopiers/scanners.  Utilities are also generally included.  These Centers are home for individual businesses from small start-ups to large corporations with a regional presence.

  1. Do I have to sign a long-term lease?

Office Business Centers recognize the need for flexibility in office space requirements and do not require a long-term commitment. Since many businesses find it difficult to predict the amount of space they will need in a few years and are frequently stuck in a lease with too much or too little space, office centers provide agreements as brief as one month to one year.  Offices are generally available on a daily or weekly basis, as well.

  1. Why choose an Office Business Center over straight space?

In addition to avoiding a long-term agreement, companies can take advantage of a host of benefits provided by Office Business Centers.  Firstly, they avoid the start-up costs associated with building-out and furnishing a space, along with building the technology infrastructure.  Phones, internet and furniture are all in place from Day #1.  They enjoy the savings of shared costs of space such as conference rooms, reception, mail room and kitchen. And if there’s a problem in the kitchen like a leaky faucet or clogged sink, just call the san diego plumbers at (619)838-1322. The staff answering their phone calls and providing administrative support is also a shared cost as is the business equipment such as photocopiers and postage machines.  And, the hassles of day-to-day office and office staff management are removed.


  1. How much does an office cost?

At Highland-March Office Business Centers offices range between $650/month for a small individual office to $2,000/month for a single large office that can accommodate multiple people.  Suites of offices will vary in price depending upon their size, the number of offices in the suite and their location.  The price includes furniture, phone answering, utilities and an allowance of varied services.


  1. What is the difference between an office and a virtual office?

An office is a full-time option which makes a specific space yours to use during the agreement term.  A virtual office provides a menu of amenities such as a business mailing address, your company name on the building directory, conference room or day office use, phone answering and call forwarding, without the full-time office.   It is an ideal option for someone who may be working from home, but wants to present a polished business image by using a non-residential address, meeting clients in conference rooms rather than the home office and by having phones courteously answered and calls forwarded to them. By the way, if you want to buy a property to build your office or you want to sell your home due to financial needs, be aware of the costs that you need to pay by visiting https://blog.offerpad.com/costs-to-sell-home/.

  1. I don’t need any services; should I still choose an Office Business Center?

If you have already invested in or are willing to invest in your own furniture, business equipment and technology infrastructure; if you are comfortable signing a long-term lease for straight space; if you do not need an administrative support staff, a Business Office Center may not be for you.  You will want to do a cost comparison and consider some of the intangibles such as the quality of straight space within your budget compared to the Class A space provided at a Highland-March Office Business Center.  While you may be perfectly happy answering calls on your cell phone, you may also want to consider the professional, polished image provided when a friendly voice other than yours answers and announces your calls.  You may want to think about the time spent on office management, such as when the copier malfunctions and you have to wait for repair, versus walking down the hall to another copier and letting the Highland-March staff take care of garage door repair.  Think of moments when you have left a document behind before an important presentation and how nice it would be to have someone scan and e-mail it to you wherever you are. On the other hand, for garage door installation and repair. They service every brand and model, and they carry parts for most brands including Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Sears Craftsman, Linear, and many others. Call garage door service Dallas now!