Choosing the best car when traveling

When you’re planning a road trip in Europe, choosing the best road trip rental car can be a difficult undertaking (though if you choose to fly we recommend checking out this Emirates promo). Sure, you could just leave it up to chance, and hope for the best, but when you’re straddling luggage between your legs, 4 people deep in a 2-door car, you’re going to wish that you had given the car rental process a bit more thought and have gotten a mercedes leasing instead. Road trips are a highly personalized experience, and the best road trip cars cater specifically to your travel needs – whether you prefer the excessively accommodating luggage capacity of a Volvo XC90, the fierce acceleration and poise of a BMW 3 Series, or opt for the agility and quintessential cuteness of a Mini Cooper S. In an effort to help you better identify the best car for a road trip, we’ve compiled a short list of Auto Europe’s Best Road Trip Cars, providing you the opportunity to compare the many viable options, and determine which vehicle best suits your upcoming road trip itinerary.
Now that you’ve had some time to check out Auto Europe’s top rental car recommendations for road trips, it’s time for you to pick the vehicle that best suits your needs, and head out on a road trip adventure through Europe. Whether you’re looking for something with some serious power to make the driving fun, or something with space for the whole family, Auto Europe can set you up with any of the best road trip cars for a fraction of the price of our competitors. Auto Europe understands that choosing the proper road trip vehicle is an important part of the vacation planning process and we will go out of our way, every time, to provide you with an exceptionally smooth reservation process, making sure to look out for all your travel needs and take care of them accordingly.