Because they’re worth it!

A business seminar? At 7 in the morning? Why should I?
Because they’re worth it! Sure, there are mornings at around 6am when I wonder why I should arise and attend a seminar. But then I remember…VALUE! There has not been one FREE seminar that didn’t leave a mark or impression on me. Each one has been well worth the time (and the effort to get out of bed!) New info, old info with a twist, new attendees or the “regulars”, networking too! – all add¬†VALUE to the start of my 2nd Wednesday of the month. Attend these seminars sponsored by Lisa Kirby Gibbs at Highland-March Westborough. Because they’re worth it! Also there is going to be an event about baby strollers so if you want to learn about strollers you should go!

-Rita Coco

Rita Coco Consulting