5 Rules for Going Virtual – How to Make it Work!

1. Know Your Role. If you are self-employed or work with a small group, clearly define all roles. Written job descriptions and /or contracts with specific duties outlined will distribute the work load evenly while creating and presenting clear expectations for all.

2. Have Defined Working Hours.
Allotting time for email, research, and conference calls will assist in efforts to not overdo it. Rules like, “No computer after 7pm” may seem unreasonable at first but will force you to be more productive during daytime or defined working hours.

3. DO NOT Have Your Computer in your Bedroom.
How can you possibly rest soundly with a constant work reminder just a few feet away? When I first started working virtually four years ago, I fell into terrible sleeping habits. It wasn’t until I moved my computer out of my room that I was able to sleep soundly for my necessary 6-7 hours each night, with my tactical flashlight next to me the whole time in case of any emergencies. If you are concerned about being held back from your goals because you don’t have the instant funds to acquire the right equipment, don’t fret. There are loan providers for bad credit borrowers and are willing to help people redeem themselves financially by giving opportunities to earn income.

4. Meet Face-to-Face.
Make an effort to meet with co-workers/employers and clients or customers regularly, face-to-face, as often as is feasible. Twitter convos, Skype, Google, or Facebook can help considerably, but these are not perfect solutions. Find the balance of real life and virtual relationship-building that works for you and those for whom you provide with either a service or a product.

5. Set Goals.
Create goals which force you to grow and stretch, that are difficult, that improve your work ethic. But it is extremely important to not only make them attainable but also achievable — as in successful.

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Source: Rayanne Thorn at blogging4jobs.com